Girly Tattoos

girly tattoos

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Girly Tattoos, if done correctly are sexy. Tattoo designs are constantly improving and become more and more accepted by society today. There are many reasons for which someone decides to have girly tattoos. The designs can be different for boys and girls but there are common tattoos for both like a angel wing, which can have a spiritual meaning.

Some people use girly tattoos as a sign of appreciation for a loved one or for a lost loved one. For girls, there are some really popular tattoos to choose. Tattoos are a discreet and subtle way of making a woman attractive, more elegant and to express her feminine charm in a better way.
Japanese anime tattoos are used a lot today. Other types of Japanese tattoos can be traditional or Irezumi. Common design can be fish and dragons. Hindu and Indian drawings are also appreciated by many girls. American traditional designs consist of cars, Sailor Jerry, nautical cars, etc. Girls love flowers and because of this, they also love flower tattoos. Flowers can help them to be more feminine and the following flowers are commonly used in designs: lotus, roses, orchid or peonies.
All these ideas can be customized to look in a unique way. Any design can be resized according to the area you want to imprint it on. Along with other methods through which girls improve their beauty, tattoos can work well as a method of making decorations on your body.
Girls choose designs for specific areas of their bodies and the prints are made for specific purposes. One of the most popular prints to use for a girly tattoos is the margarita flower, which is considered from ancient times a symbol of purity and feminity.
A popular area of the body used for girly tattoos can be a girl’s ankle. Other common places can be the back of the neck, the abdomen, the lower back, or the legs. Ankle girly tattoos work well with a stylish pair of shoes and other fashion accessories. Ankle tattoos can be difficult to make because the area can be quite sensitive. Because of this, girls have to be careful in the first days after an operation is performed.
Some girls prefer classic designs and style, which are more popular among men, but in the last years, the popularity of feminine and elegant tattoos has increased. Girly tattoos are personal things and they have to look great, to represent you, to be feminine and to have a meaning to you as a girl.
Other popular designs and styles that can be great for girls are: butterflies, stars, tigers, zodiacs, birds, eagle, fairies and Celtic crosses. Most girls choose colorful tattoos. The rest of the girls may prefer classic styles that are only made in black.
Larger tattoos are usually placed on chest, back, legs or arms. Smaller designs can be placed almost anywhere. When girls make their first tattoos they could be afraid because the procedure can be painful, but today’s women are strong and many of them may not care about pain if the results can make them look more feminine. Check out the girly tattoos gallery at the top of the page.

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